Easy Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich


I have always loved eggs for breakfast– they are high in protein that keeps you full until lunch and are delicious. I recently started cooking up this spin on a breakfast sandwich that’s healthful and delicious! It’s filling but still light and won’t make you feel heavy.


All you need is:

-A whole wheat English muffin

-2 organic eggs


-Parmesan cheese

Simply toast the two English muffin halves, and top with 2 sunny side up eggs. Over top put on some arugula and some grated parmesan cheese!


You can obviously change up this recipe easily– switch the arugula for spinach, choose a different cheese or melt the cheese, add some bacon or sausage, etc.

I love to serve this with some fresh fruit (I have currently been loving strawberries, bananas and mangoes) or some avocado!

Be sure to let me know if you try it out!


Day Trip: New York City

photo 1

Though I was born and raised in New York, I don’t know the city that well. I know the stores I like to go to, and the restaurants I like to frequent, but I haven’t actually explored the city as much as I’d like. So when my friend invited me to join her on a day trip to New York, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try to get to know my city a little better.

We left Thursday night by bus, and arrived at around 11. Already, we started our adventure. We walked around New York, still pretty busy with people walking about in spite of the time. We then decided to head to bed and get an early start for the morning.

photo 2 photo photo 1

photo 4

We started out in the West Village, visiting Rosemary’s, an Italian restaurant. The outside of the restaurant is cute with outdoor seating, empty crates, fresh flowers, and tiles spelling out the name of the restaurant. But the outside doesn’t reflect what is inside– wood floors, exposed brick walls, gorgeous tile work, beautiful flowers, hanging light fixtures, and tons of light pouring through the floor to ceiling windows. The restaurant is way bigger than it appears from the outside, and feels open and airy. I started off the meal with a green juice of kale, apple, cucumber, celery and fennel (interesting… not the yummiest I’ve had, but definitely tasted healthy!), and then went on to an Italian Breakfast– burrata– an Italian cheese made with mozzarella and cream, fresh fruit (bananas, strawberries and blueberries), radishes, egg any style (I chose sunny side up), and bread. It was delicious, and a great way to start off the morning. My friend Emily started off with hot oatmeal that was served with butter, brown sugar, and golden raisins.

photo 2  photo 3

After exploring some of the small stores on Bleeker Street, we stopped by Magnolia for their famous cupcakes… I went for the classic vanilla buttercream, and Emily chose banana chocolate. We enjoyed our cupcakes (so delicious!) in a small park, just enjoying the weather and company.We walked around West Village, a neighborhood that I now absolutely love. Filled with small parks, boutiques, and cafés, it’s definitely a gorgeous place to walk around. Spring is such a nice time to visit– the weather is perfect for walking, and there are flowers everywhere.

photo 1  photo 4

photo 3  photo 4  photo 2

After stopping by some stores, we head to 9th street for Ippudo for ramen. The wait was 30 minutes, so we gave them our phone number (they texted us when to come!), and hit up Muji nearby. The food was definitely worth the wait– we shared the pork buns, and then had delicious ramen. I went for the Wasabi Shoyu Ramen, while Emily went for the Pork Tonkotsu (pork) Soup Noodles. The food was great, and the service was really fast and good!

photo 1  photo 2

After lunch, we walked around and stopped by a farmer’s market in Union Square (apparently open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday– check it out!). We definitely enjoyed trying the samples of food, including incredibly ripe tomatoes, lemon curd, and fresh cheeses. We then walked around more, stopping by some larger stores– like Lulu Lemon, Nordstrom Rack, and Steve Madden, before heading back to the hotel for some e-mails and Facebook before meeting our friend Alice for dinner.

photo 4  photo 3

We went to Avra, a Greek restaurant near the hotel, for dinner. We all split an American snapper, which was good. We then walked around and head to Macaron Café for some macarons– definitely recommend the expresso, lychee rose, matcha and nutella flavors. We then hung out for a while, with Emily and Alice stopping by a Japanese restaurant called Onya for a beef rice bowl for some more food (which they said was great!), before heading back.

I definitely had a lovely time in New York, exploring new restaurants and neighborhoods. It was great to be in the city with people not from the area– it encouraged me to try new restaurants and venture to new areas. I can’t wait to explore NYC more this summer!