Easy Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich


I have always loved eggs for breakfast– they are high in protein that keeps you full until lunch and are delicious. I recently started cooking up this spin on a breakfast sandwich that’s healthful and delicious! It’s filling but still light and won’t make you feel heavy.


All you need is:

-A whole wheat English muffin

-2 organic eggs


-Parmesan cheese

Simply toast the two English muffin halves, and top with 2 sunny side up eggs. Over top put on some arugula and some grated parmesan cheese!


You can obviously change up this recipe easily– switch the arugula for spinach, choose a different cheese or melt the cheese, add some bacon or sausage, etc.

I love to serve this with some fresh fruit (I have currently been loving strawberries, bananas and mangoes) or some avocado!

Be sure to let me know if you try it out!