Five to Follow

Instagram has become one of my favorite apps. In addition to being a great way to keep up with friends, it’s also a great source of inspiration. Whether it’s amazing photographers, mothers, foodies or personal trainers sharing their days, meals, or tips, Instagram has something for everyone. Here are five to follow:

1. Luar & Woffdene (@silverspies)

Juliette Steen, twenty-one year old photographer and writer from Brisbane, Australia shares “moments in daily life” with gorgeous photos of healthy foods, her cat, clothing, and more.

Image   Image

2. Common Table Company (@commontableco)

Common Table Company is “a movement dedicated to building community around the table.” The account features photos others have posted on Instagram of shared meals (below, @benschuyler). Share your own with the hashtag #mycommontable, and check out the drool inducing food photos of others.

Image   Image

3. *kessara (@kessara)

Kessara Dhana, mother and Chicago resident will give you your fix of beautiful soft-tones. Her feed is filled with flowers, sweets, and beautiful city and outdoor landscapes.

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4. Alice Gao (@alicegao)

NYC based photographer Alice shares food, NYC, and behind-the-scenes shots from her shoots. With 750,000+ followers, her feed is definitely worth checking out.

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5. Keaten Abbott (@keatenabbott)

Oregon-based writer and director Keaten Abbott shares beautiful wide shot snaps, primarily of nature. His feed also includes photos of his wife Taylor (@tayloroctober) and travels.

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